Friday, 29 July 2016


Why you need a job??
A stupid question right?? But I think you should seriously think about it. From our childhood itself we all dreamed of a Good Job. Of course it’s necessary but what if you’re not satisfied with what you’re doing?
In common, everyone should have a good Job to live. Nowadays its not too hard to get a job to live but it’s very difficult to get a Job that gives you satisfaction. I believe that doing an unsatisfactory Job is like suicide so if you want to suicide there are other good ways to end all within seconds but not Job. The one who gives you a Job will only think about how fast and how well you’re doing it, he/she really don’t care about your happiness and satisfaction. You may get good salary, yeah that’s true!! Making good money is also important but one should not work only to get paid very well. 

Most of you are against me, most people wants to make some good money and secure their life. Even I want to make some money, but I am not gonna do an unsatisfied job for that. Leaving all your interests and happiness behind!! Really I can’t even think about it. So first ask yourself, What is that you needed?? Hell yeah.. Money!!! If this is your answer just go to one MNC and be their slave, they will pay you very well. If your answer is “A peaceful Life!!” you need to think one more thing, which job will give you work satisfaction?? ie. what you like to do. Now find a job that meets your interests, maybe you’ll not get high salary but when you get your salary you’ll be happy. With your small salary you can live your life happily. You can do overtime without any hesitation as you’re doing what you want and what you like, thus you can earn extra money. Thus your employer gets the task completed perfectly in time and you’ll get your salary in time. 
Result!! You’re happy so as your family, your employer will be happy, you will never have any work pressure and you’ll never get tired of your Job. So “Don’t Live to Work, Do Work to Live.”

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do, if you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t Settle.”
                                           -Steve Jobs.

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