Friday, 25 November 2016

Be yourself!!

What you want??  A question that asked and answered the most... But nobody would have asked and answered meaningly. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whenever you think about something, this question will pop up from your mind or someone else's. Like everyone else I would like to ask the same question, What you Want?? but this time its about life, "What you want in your life????"

Life!! we're all living creatures so we call it Life. But do you ever think why you're living this beautiful life? Do you ever think about life outside from your society and culture? Do you ever think about what you can do for yourself apart from society and culture? Most of us didn't, and whom ever has done it are the most successful and happiest persons. Any offence??? If yes we can discuss it later, first let me clarify my thought.

I am not against culture, being social and religious but I believe that all these are made by us, for our peaceful and happy existence. But when I asked myself the same question "What do you want in your life", heart said "Don't bother, you're living in a society that bounded over culture and religion". So what....?? right?? Let's see..

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, everyone wants to do something that makes them happy and respectful. So we're trying to do something that will appreciated by society, in a way that is what we want. But, just think for a minute, is that "really" what we want? If our society is happy about us then obviously we're happy,society is happy because we satisfied each and everyone in it, we fulfilled their desire, we gave them what they "really" want. But apart from society, when you're alone just look into yourself, think about your desire. I am sure that your desire will be extremely different, and you'll blame yourself not to achieve that, still you won't do anything about it. All you're going to do is to keep your feelings inside you and blame yourself. Remember, it's all about courage and self respect. 

You're not able to do What you really want is because you're afraid. You're afraid of your society, your culture. Fear of not being accepted and fear of being ignored stops you from doing what you want. So its obvious that you'll leave your desire behind. See, society and culture was build by us but they don't and won't let us be ourselves. They want us to live for them, they want us to do what they want and of course the answer for our question "What you want?" will be satisfactory for society and culture not for us. We're hurting ourselves to satisfy others, we're more concerned about result of our actions on others, so we try hard not hurt others and give everything they want. Simply, we're living for society not for us. If you can satisfy the whole society, why you can't do it to yourself? 
I was very concerned about society, culture and people who loves me so I lived and did many things to make them happy. Later I realised, whenever I try to make others happy I was hurting myself, I was sacrificing my happiness and desire for them. So I decided not to hurt myself anymore. First it was very hard but I wanted to do something for myself, to stay happy, to get a self satisfaction. It took long time for me to adjust with that, when I did, I felt something different, something I've never felt before. Now I am happy for being myself, ignoring everything would destroy my peace of mind.

As I told, it's very difficult but at least we should try once. First ignore all the positive and negative thoughts you've right now and follow your hurt from now. Don't think about past and future, just live the present as you want. Don't let your hurt change it's decision i.e. avoid overthinking. May be it will gave you an unpleasant result first but eventually you'll get exactly what you want.
Live for yourself, satisfy your hurt, fulfil your dream! You don't have to live for society, culture and religion. Be yourself, show them what you want and what you can, make them follow you!! If everyone is ready to follow their own hurt and do good things i.e. what you're doing, then our society culture and our hurt will be happy. Society and culture was
built by individuals, a peaceful and happy individual mind will do no harm to the society. See, now you've the answer, you did exactly "What you want?". 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Marketing Completes the Business

Marketing is the soul of your business. Whatever your business is, you need an awesome marketing team to get your business at the top. There are many organizations with excellent and creative ideas and willingness to express it to the world. But most of them are not satisfied with their outcome and not being reached to their Goals. But still they have hope!! great and must thing a business should have.

Hope is an essential thing, still they need to accept the fact that they're missing some important thing. It doesn't matter how small or big your idea, product or whatever your business offers, all you need to do is let your business reach out the marketplace. It's not that easy. 

As I told there are a lot of businesses with good ideology and different concepts that will make the world a better place. One can achieve this only by making a good Marketing and Analysis team.

Having a good marketing team is like achieving half of your business Goal. If you can't let the world see how good is your business then what's the point in making an outstanding product/service. Marketing is the only way to express your business into the world. Marketing/Business analysis team will study the past and present stages of the business and provide the best solution according to your current situation. Nowadays marketing has become more interesting and challenging. Thus taking it as challenge, you'll only goes better than your past and competitor. 

Depends upon your business, there are different ways to get you into the marketplace. Finding a suitable marketing strategy and following the essential will make your business grow much faster, thus business reaches the Goal so as you. So just review the past of your business, if you find out that your marketing need to be improved, don't be late anymore. it's better late than never.

Friday, 29 July 2016


Why you need a job??
A stupid question right?? But I think you should seriously think about it. From our childhood itself we all dreamed of a Good Job. Of course it’s necessary but what if you’re not satisfied with what you’re doing?
In common, everyone should have a good Job to live. Nowadays its not too hard to get a job to live but it’s very difficult to get a Job that gives you satisfaction. I believe that doing an unsatisfactory Job is like suicide so if you want to suicide there are other good ways to end all within seconds but not Job. The one who gives you a Job will only think about how fast and how well you’re doing it, he/she really don’t care about your happiness and satisfaction. You may get good salary, yeah that’s true!! Making good money is also important but one should not work only to get paid very well. 

Most of you are against me, most people wants to make some good money and secure their life. Even I want to make some money, but I am not gonna do an unsatisfied job for that. Leaving all your interests and happiness behind!! Really I can’t even think about it. So first ask yourself, What is that you needed?? Hell yeah.. Money!!! If this is your answer just go to one MNC and be their slave, they will pay you very well. If your answer is “A peaceful Life!!” you need to think one more thing, which job will give you work satisfaction?? ie. what you like to do. Now find a job that meets your interests, maybe you’ll not get high salary but when you get your salary you’ll be happy. With your small salary you can live your life happily. You can do overtime without any hesitation as you’re doing what you want and what you like, thus you can earn extra money. Thus your employer gets the task completed perfectly in time and you’ll get your salary in time. 
Result!! You’re happy so as your family, your employer will be happy, you will never have any work pressure and you’ll never get tired of your Job. So “Don’t Live to Work, Do Work to Live.”

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do, if you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t Settle.”
                                           -Steve Jobs.